Interior Doors in the interior of the apartment (305+ Photos): Stylish and modern options


Select interior doors in the interior, which would be similar to a work of art, is not easy. But with the help of our article, it is really possible to change your design beyond recognition with the help of such a seemingly insignificant element of arrangement.


You need to take into account everything: from what materials the door is made, how they are combined, how the opening mechanism works, how it all fits into the design of the apartment. Here - how it will be subjected to stress:

  • Level of resistance to mechanical damage. If the house has small children or active pets, then the higher, the better. If only adults with good coordination live in the house, you can barely think about it.
  • Moisture resistance level. If you live in a humid climate, the higher the better, otherwise the door will either start to rot or swell. If the climate is dry, this indicator is not so important.
  • Noise resistance level. If you have a small child, a spouse who likes to loudly listen to music or you are in principle sensitive to sound pollution, the higher the better. If the house is quiet or you are not disturbed by noise, you can save on this indicator.

The interroom door will add your interior

  • Security level. If there is a child in the house, glass inserts and sharp corners are forbidden, as well as too heavy materials. But if everyone living in the apartment, adults and children are not expected, it is not so important.

Of course, it takes into account the overall quality and appearance, and how well the door fits to the rest of the interior. The choice is complex and requires insight into the nuances.


Materials interior doors are used, as a rule, in combinations, although you can find a solid array. Each of them is different from the rest of the properties and price.

Black model with tinted glass

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Wood is used for interior doors in two versions - either a solid array, which is complemented by small accessories, or the skeleton for the frame, on which cheaper and lighter materials are attached.

The solid array has its advantages:

  • Aesthetics. Natural wood is a beautiful noble material that attracts attention and fits well with the classic interior. If you hire a good carver and cover the result with varnish, you will find it worthy of a museum.
  • Strength. Such a door is very resistant to mechanical damage. It is not easy to break it, but even leave a noticeable dent on it.
  • Soundproofing. Solid array perfectly filters sounds.

Natural wood is a beautiful noble material

However, there are also disadvantages:

  • Price. Wood is expensive and always cost. The most beautiful species - oak, mahogany - are in the premium segment. Not everyone can afford them.
  • Heaviness. Wood is heavy stuff. We need strong reliable hinges, we need loaders who bring the door to the apartment. It is necessary from time to time to lubricate and change the mechanism.
  • Instability to biological threats and humidity drops. The tree in conditions of unstable humidity either decays or cracks. It can be spoiled by parasites, it can start to rot.
  • Problems with care. Wood is sensitive to aggressive chemicals. You can take care of it either by simply wiping it with a dry cloth, or using special tools.

Solid array perfectly filters sounds.

Everything is simpler with the frame - cheap wood is used for it, it doesn’t weigh as much as a solid array, and does not face the destructive influence of the external environment. In fact, one of the advantages is reliability and low price, and it has no disadvantages.

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Artificial materials

Artificial materials are used much more widely than natural wood, since they are easier to process and cost less. They can be divided into two large groups - those used for the frame and those used for the coating. The first are:

Chipboard. Made of chips and sawdust, compressed using synthetic resin. Does not give in to difficult processing, differs in relative fragility - the piece will fall off from a strong blow from a plate of a chipboard or the crack will go. It may be hazardous to health if the manufacturer was unscrupulous. But - it is cheap, resistant to moisture and temperature drops, it doesn’t let sounds through well.

Artificial materials are much more widely used.

MDF. Waste wood industry steamed, ground, mixed with wood resin and pressed into plates. Dense, beautiful material that is easy to process, is not sensitive to moisture and is environmentally friendly. However, if you hit it, a dent will remain, and in the depths of the sheet parasites or mold may start. More expensive than chipboard.

Sheets of a chipboard and MDF fasten on a pine framework, either paint, covering then with a varnish, or paste materials of the second group from above.

These include:

Laminatin. It is a plastic coating, which is either glued to a chipboard base in the form of a thin film, or glued several times until a thin flexible sheet is obtained that will be inserted into the door. Differs lightness and brightness - plastic can be given any color. It is steady against mechanical damages and moisture, easily endures the effects of household chemicals. However, it looks simple and wears out the faster, the less it costs. Does not differ environmental friendliness and, if the manufacturer was unfair, can produce toxic fumes that are harmful to humans.

Rustic option

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC). A thin polymer film, which is glued to a base of chipboard or MDF. It does not have any sound insulation and eventually begins to exfoliate from the base, plus initially it looks cheap. But it is resistant to moisture and biological threats, does not fear temperature fluctuations, does not fade and does not crack. There is a variety of design solutions - plastic give any color. Replacing it if it is damaged is very simple.Veneer. It is made of a thin layer of natural wood, treated for strength. It looks like natural wood, if varnished, becomes insensitive to moisture. Easily restored, has an average level of sound insulation. Not suitable for covering doors with a complex texture, does not differ in a variety of shades.

Each sheet of veneer is unique to the same extent that each tree is unique.

With two doors

BoardArtificial materials are cheap and good. But buying the cheapest of them, do it carefully, use the services of only proven sellers, so as not to get poor quality, unhealthy, material. Return to the menu


Interior doors can be either completely glass or include glass inserts. This material has several advantages:

  • Aesthetics. Glass can be solid, can be stained glass, can be opaque or transparent - and it always looks aesthetic. It will fit into the classic interior after some effort, but it is well suited for high-tech style or in the interior for vintage antiquity.

Glass with wood

  • Sustainability. Glass does not suffer from either temperature or moisture. Insensitive to biological threats and does not burn.
  • Security. Due to its special processing, glass, although it remains fragile, nevertheless does not pose a danger to humans. If you strike a blow at it, it will either crack, or crumble into large fragments without sharp edges that can be easily removed.
  • Bandwidth. Light easily penetrates through the glass. If you want to make the room visually spacious and bright, the glass door will do.
  • Ease of care. You can use any detergent, but often just enough wet rags and a bucket of water.

Glass does not suffer from temperature changes

But there are also disadvantages:

  • Fragility. Yes, the glass is safe and cut it will not work. But it will still crumble if you strike at it. It is better not to install it in the apartment where a small child or an active dog lives.
  • Bandwidth. If the glass is transparent, everything is visible through it. But even if it is matte, you can guess vague silhouettes through it. If you like privacy, it's better to think about other stuff.
  • Price. Fully glass door is comparable to solid solid wood.

Light easily penetrates through the glass

BoardGlass looks good in the form of small inserts. A solid glass door can lead from the living room to the corridor, from the corridor to the kitchen, but you shouldn’t put it in someone’s private room unless it is an extremely opaque opaque option. Return to the menu

Types of doors by a combination of materials

A solid door made of glass or wood is beautiful, but more often sheets of chipboard, MDF and other materials are used, fixed to the frame in various ways. How this is done depends on the name of a particular group.

Sliding, bright model

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Shield from the outside look like an array of wood, but are somewhat more complex. Their design includes:

  • a framework, as a rule, from an easy and cheap pine;
  • insulating material, poured into the voids of the frame - it can be anything from banal foam to expensive heaters;
  • cover sheets, because of which the door looks solid.

Unusual, translucent model

All characteristics of the panel door depend on the materials used in the manufacture.

But usually remain the same:

  • the ease that allows you to make the door even on the ninth floor and put it on simple hinges without additional effort;
  • simplicity of appearance, which can be varied accessories, drawing or intricate insert from stained glass;
  • price that allows you to install panel doors throughout the apartment at no special cost.

Universal version

If you get a good insulation, the door will keep warm and will not miss the extra sounds. If you cover it with plastic, it will be insensitive to moisture.

This is the most versatile design that opens up possibilities for a variety of finishes. From the banal "to paste on the door a piece of photo wallpaper" to more interesting hand-painted, woodcarving or insertion of stained glass.

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Panel doors are also made on the frame, but they look much more interesting than panel doors, thanks to the design features, which include:

  • directly frame, which is made of conifers and consists of horizontal and vertical beams;
  • panels, that is, thin plates or sheets of artificial materials that are designed to skillfully fill in the voids in the frame.

In the interior of the kitchen

The result is a door that has a certain shape, which the shield, with its smooth surface, is devoid of in principle. The pattern formed by the panels makes it much more interesting and aesthetic.

It has several basic properties:

  • reliability - the structure of the panels is such that they are more resistant to deformation than the frame covered with simple sheets of coating on top;
  • multi-variant design - panels can be made from all coatings, as well as glass, which allows you to make a specific door for a particular house unlike any other, you can even make it to order.

However, there is a flaw in the paneled door - it muffles the sound worse than the panel door, since the point where the panel meets the frame remains relatively thin.

Country style

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The design of the sash doors includes:

  • frame, which is simply a wooden rectangular frame;
  • horizontal slats of coating or glass, laid in a frame.

The design of this door looks minimalist and it has its own chic. Properties at the Tsar's door are as follows:

  • reliability - it is very resistant to deformations, like most structures made of a large number of elements;
  • the diversity of design - no one will prevent you from making horizontal slats from any material and painting them in any colors (bright colors are suitable for children).

The design of the door looks minimalist

There is also a minus - heaviness. As a rule, tsargovye elements heavier than shield with paneled, especially if the design is solid wood or glass. This complicates the installation, may require additional loops, but the operation itself is not affected.

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Molded doors are different from the rest of the mandatory presence in the design of glass. If you can add paneled and tsargovoe glass as you like, then for molded moldings it is assumed by default. The design includes:

  • a framework in which two wooden vertical blocks stand out in particular;
  • glass insert, which is located between the blocks.

Molded doors

Molded doors are heavy, but durable and beautiful. Their design is considered to be the most original of the existing ones, especially since glass can be given a very different appearance.

It may be:

  • mirror, then everyone passing by will be reflected in it;
  • transparent, then through it you can look into the room;
  • dull, then everything on the other hand will seem to be immersed in a haze;
  • color, then everything will seem bright and festive, especially if you choose a warm optimistic shade;
  • stained glass, then it will be possible to make a patterned insert.

Heavy but durable and beautiful

Raise the molded construction, install it requires great effort. But the result is worth it if it fits into the rest of the interior.

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Solid array

The most expensive, the most elegant variety, which is not suitable for every home.

  • Solid wood requires processing. It must be carefully varnished, it will save it from rot, from drying out and from parasites. Care should be taken of him carefully, he is afraid of aggressive chemicals.
  • Glass array processing does not require, but is very heavy. It can not be painted and varnished, it can be intricate patterns or stained glass inserts, it does not suffer from rot and parasites. It is easy to care for him, but it can break on impact.

The most expensive, the smartest variety

A solid array looks the most noble, but is expensive. Often it makes sense to buy a door easier, perhaps covered with veneer. It will look like a tree, but the difficulties with it will be much less.

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Design features

The materials, the way they are combined - most of the installation difficulties, as well as cost, depend on it. But there is another aspect that is no less important - this is the mechanism by which the door opens. It should be not only reliable, durable, not causing difficulties, but also suitable to the entire interior, coupled with the characteristics of the premises. There are four main types of mechanisms.

Can be used as a towel holder.

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Swing type is most common - most of the doors in general, which you met in life, belonged to him. The device is simple - on two hinges that are attached to the door frame, the door is hung, which then opens easily. It can be equipped with a handle, a latch, even a peephole or a door for a cat - any accessory you may need will look good in its place.

It is important to remember that the hinged door is too heavy - for example, if you want to put a solid glass array - it requires additional hinges, which must be arranged in advance with the master. Calculation he will spend himself.

Swing type most common

Available in four types:

  • Ordinary. This is a classic that opens only in one direction and takes a decent amount of space. When buying it, you need to be well aware of the dimensions of the room and choose a door that will open in the most free direction.
  • Bivalves. For an ordinary apartment - a rare option, because it takes an unreasonable lot of space. It duplicates the usual door, only in the presence of not one shutter, but two. It will look good only in a very large room, when moving from the corridor to the dining room, for example. It makes sense to buy a double-wing type only if you have a private house and there is a lot of space in it.

Suitable for spacious rooms

  • Swinging. Relatively uncomfortable and take up even more space than regular ones. Opened immediately to both sides, depending on where the person is going to push. They are rarely used in residential buildings because they do not provide good tightness - not only people easily pass through them, but also draft, noise and heat. However, there are lovers. If you have an apartment in the style of a loft or high-tech - swinging "pendulum" can suit you in style.
  • Stables. If you ask about the associations of those who first hear about them, the answer is usually the same - the saloon in the Wild West. The door is divided into two independent halves, most often horizontally. They can not open synchronously. It looks original, but fits into a rare interior.Practically useful only in those cases, if there is someone in the apartment who needs to be prevented from leaving the room, but at the same time having the opportunity to watch him - this may be an overly active dog, a small child, or a disabled person.

In classic style

Swing doors require almost a meter of free space to open. For a small apartment, it is often too much and uncomfortable, especially in narrow corridors.

BoardIf your interior requires classics or you have a lot of space, the swing door is the most obvious choice, which won’t surprise anyone. Return to the menu


Sliding doors, they are also "coupe", are used in small city apartments, because they allow to save space. Well suited for a minimalist style, for a stressed modern interior, or for trying to recreate a traditional Japanese style in your apartment.

Sliding - also called "coupe"

They are equipped with guides along which the web moves to both sides of the passage.. Recently, a new development has come into fashion - the guide can be one, the top one - this allows you not to break the floor with the threshold. Such doors, however, often seem unreliable.

These doors have advantages:

  • Space saving. This is most obvious. Instead of allocating a meter for opening, you can limit yourself to leaving a few centimeters along each wall near the jambs and quietly moving the door.
  • Aesthetics. Most doors in the world are hinged, so sliding doors look especially original. With their help, you can make the room visually more spacious and lighter, give it a hue of a minimalist Japanese interior.
  • Security. Opening the swing type unexpectedly for the person behind him, you can inflict a serious injury. The same dangerous children's games in which someone is hiding, and someone is looking for. The sliding type of such a flaw is deprived - even if the canvas is drastically moved away, it will not cause significant harm.

Space saving

However, there are specific disadvantages that owners of the hinged type will not encounter:

  • Possible problems with the mechanism. If you handle the canvas carelessly, it can get off the rails or even deform them. We'll have to either figure out how to fix it, independently, or call the wizard.
  • Insulation problems. The specificity of the sliding type is such that it cannot be securely locked to the closed position. Handles and locks are not provided, moreover, there will always remain a thin slot through which sounds and heat will penetrate.
  • Wall problems. That part of the wall that will be hidden behind the canvas becomes unsuitable for placing something on it. Any accessories on it will not linger, so you should immediately take this into account.

Heavy materials are not used for sliding type

There is a subspecies of sliding doors - these are "canisters".

They differ from the "coupe" in that they have only one flap. It slides not along the wall, but retracts into a special groove, which is built into the wall. Space is spent even less, the result looks even more aesthetic.

For sliding type no heavy materials are used. A solid solid wood or glass will not be able to freely slide along the guides, therefore, either shield or other frame options are used.BoardAn interesting solution would be to order a frame, the gaps in which will be filled not with the usual coatings, but with special thick paper. There will be almost no sound insulation, but references to the Japanese style will become completely obvious.

Have low noise insulation

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Folding doors, they are "accordions" were and remain the most decorative of the existing types. They represent a canvas, divided into several parts, connected by special hinges. When someone needs to go through the doorway, the canvas is folded, pressed against the doorposts, resembling a neat screen.

It has specific advantages:

  • Aesthetics. Folding type looks original, interesting, especially if you add it with patterns, carvings, beautiful accessories.
  • Space saving. The folded canvas is certainly less than a meter, which is important for small apartments.

Folding option

But there are also disadvantages:

  • Possible unreliability mechanism. With long active use, the hinges can wear out over several years, their condition should be monitored, they should be lubricated. Moreover, if you strongly pull the canvas or run into it at high speed, it can easily come off in the place where the hinges are attached.
  • Bad isolation. The sound folding "harmonicas" filter frankly bad. In addition, they are difficult to equip with a lock, which means that they do not give any privacy.

"Accordion" is a good solution for a private house, especially if you make it from a light material, coloring it accordingly. She can also find her place in the apartment, but she will have to make an effort.

It looks original and interesting.

BoardThe "accordion" is made from lightweight materials. Under the weight of heavy hinges just break ahead of time. Return to menu ↑


Roto is a relatively new method of manufacturing doors that will look strange in a classic interior, in Provence style or in a rustic one, but it will perfectly suit the high-tech style. It looks like a door leaf, fixed in the opening on the axis of rotation.

To go through it, simply push the canvas. It will spin along the axis, passing the incoming one, and then it will fall back into place. This design resembles the entrance to the supermarket and in the apartment building looks very original.

Roto - a relatively new method of manufacturing doors

This design has its advantages:

  • Relative compactness. In order to open such a door, there is enough space required for rotation. And this is definitely less than a meter.
  • Peculiar aesthetics. Roto is a very extravagant way to design a passage, but in certain styles it will look perfect. The main thing - to choose the right.

There are also disadvantages:

  • Relative unreliability of the mechanism. The axis of rotation, on which the door is fixed, can be damaged by strongly pulling the handle. And if an animal or a child rushes into it, the result will be quite pitiable.
  • Lack of insulation. The roto is well fixed in one position, but still not so firm that it does not let the temperature or sound through at all.
  • Rarity. Since the product is new, only gaining popularity, it is not suitable for every interior, finding a company in a small city can be difficult.

This design resembles the entrance to the supermarket.

However, if you have neither children nor animals, and there is no one to make noise in the apartment, a roto can be an excellent acquisition. Especially if you remember that you need to carry out such a design from lightweight materials. A solid solid wood is definitely not suitable, because the hinges holding it will very quickly fail.

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Design features

Having understood what the wooden doors differ from the glass ones, how the tsargovy doors differ from the shield doors, how the sliding “harmonicas” are better and worse than ordinary swing doors, you can finally decide what you need.

Discreet style

For this:

  • draw a plan of the house - either with a pencil or with a program;
  • estimate what your budget is;
  • estimate how much space should take interior doors;
  • measure what their size should be;
  • evaluate the color scheme, the overall design of the interior, plans for the design.

The material depends on the budget, on the place occupied by the doors, their design. From the design of rooms - the color, coupled with the overall design. In the process you need to take into account certain nuances.