Dressing table with mirror and lighting: 140+ (Photo) Options for your bedroom


If you are looking for a dressing table with a mirror, on our website you can view many options. It is worth knowing more about what they are, as well as what to look for during the selection.


Why is it needed?

  • In the women's bedroom such a thing is indispensable. Indeed, in the drawers and on the table top you can store some cosmetics, personal care items, and a mirror and a comfortable pouf or chair make the setting comfortable for beauty.
  • Models with drawers and side tables easily fit decorative cosmetics, useful things, and cute knick-knacks. It is easier for girls to keep the room clean when their things are in place. And such items are just suitable for storage.
  • Women prefer to apply makeup or take care of their skin without haste. And if you carry out cosmetic and other procedures in the bathroom, then surely someone from the household will interrupt this morning or evening ritual by knocking on the door and will hurry.
  • Often they are used as a decorative part of a stylish interior. To do this, choose a model with an elegant design that emphasize and complement the style of the bedroom or another room.

There are different and original dressing tables with a mirror.

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Tables for preening with a mirror differ in size, design and construction, so you can pick them up in any room.

These items are not always installed in the bedroom, they can be placed in the dressing room or bathroom. But only if the size of the room allows.

It is worth noting again that the design and functionality of this furniture are equally important, therefore, it is not easy to classify it.

Depending on the type of installation tables are:

In the women's bedroom such a thing is irreplaceable

  • The walls.Mounted on four thin or two wide supports near the wall. In open-plan apartments or lofts, they are used for bedroom zoning.
  • Wall mounted.They have two supports, and the table top is mounted to the wall. They serve as a decor, as they have a stylish design. They are equipped with a shallow tabletop, so you do not need to bend over and lean on it when applying makeup or during the creation of styling.
  • Console.They are made in the form of hanging furniture, which is mounted to the wall. They have a thin tabletop or are equipped with hanging shallow drawers. Organically look in the interiors in the style of loft, hi-tech, modern, etc.

Mirror model

Given the design features, they are:

  • With drawers. There are tables with hidden, suspended or built-in drawers, inside which it is convenient to lay out decorative cosmetics and care products, personal belongings and knickknacks.
  • With a cabinet. Meet with one or two thumbs. They are very spacious and bulky. Suitable for installation in spacious bedrooms.
  • Angular. The back surface of the tables has a right angle. They are installed in small bedrooms in order to efficiently use the living space.

They are used as a decorative part of a stylish interior.

  • Transformers.Equipped with a wall chest with drawers and movable table top. After the tabletop is advanced, they turn into a large corner model. Have a desktop mirror.
  • With folding top or secretary.They have a folding tabletop with a mirror. They are functional enough at the same time to serve as furniture for creating a working area and for preening. To get started, you need to lower the mirror and transform the pier glass into the desktop.. Built-in shelf with cosmetics closes the panel.
  • With folding top or secretary.Successfully fit into the interiors in the style of minimalism, hi-tech, modern. Take up little space and do not clutter up space.

These tables are quite functional.

Depending on the method of installation of the mirror, there are tables:

  • With attached to the table top. Suitable for classic and traditional interiors.
  • Pierum. Equipped with a large mirror, which is fixed permanently. It is convenient for a woman to examine herself from head to toe and assess the integrity of the image and all its details. Often, there are low table tops for the countertops, which do not cover the mirror.
  • With folding mirror. Attached on the flip cover. If necessary, you can close it and use the furniture as a desk.
  • Trellis. It is equipped with one stationary blade and two moving along the edges. Mirrors on the doors allow a woman to look around on all sides with the right adjustment. Trellis can also be closed with doors, which is very convenient for people who do not want to sleep in front of the mirror.

The design and functionality of this furniture are equally important.

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Choosing backlit

Another type of "female beauty guidance table" is a backlit model. These look very original and attractive, and also serve as an unusual decor of modern bedrooms.

The backlight is used as a trendy decor and to ensure comfortable operating conditions.

BoardIf you choose the option with decorative lights, then make sure that it was equipped with LED strip. And it should be only white light. After all, color will distort colors and proportions, so it will be quite difficult for a woman to apply make-up.

Lighting is also used as a trendy decor.

If it needs to be installed in a dark corner, where there is not enough natural light, then it is better to choose a table with built-in cartridges around the perimeter of the frame. In this case, the light from the lamps is scattered evenly and creates optimal conditions for applying makeup. The most successful models are those that are equipped with cartridges for fluorescent and LED lamps, as they emit light closest to daylight.

If you need to create a comfortable environment for a dark room, then you can also hang sconces or lamps on both sides of the mirror. They can be made in the same style as the bedroom furniture or, on the contrary, be different.

Floor lamps also perform well for this task. They as well as wall lamps should be chosen in accordance with the design of furniture and interior style.

Glass option

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We equip a children's room

Girls from the earliest years want to be like their mothers in everything, so if adults have a dressing table in the room, the child will definitely need the same.

This piece of furniture in the bedroom of the child will help create a fabulous atmosphere, and the little girl will feel like a real princess. This will allow to cultivate in her the habit of always caring for herself and keeping an appearance. With its help, the parents will create a cozy corner for the girl, as well as for the neat storage of accessories and hair care products.

For a little princess

And if you choose a table with an unusual design, it will decorate the children's bedroom. Models may look different. So there is a dressing table with a themed design or made in a classic style. The latter is suitable for beauties of different ages. Even when the girl is older, the piercer or console does not need to be changed.

Boudoir in the nursery must have a mirror. You can choose those in which it is mounted to the wall near the table top, or directly to the furniture.

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Corner tables

If there is not enough space in the bedroom to install a large model with a wide tabletop, on which you can expand all the most necessary, then you should buy a corner one. This solution will make the room more ergonomic and functional at the same time. After all, space in this case is used much more efficiently.

Corner option

Particularly interesting L-shaped models look in small bedrooms. With their help, the interior looks more spacious and not overloaded with furniture. In large rooms, they look inappropriate, because the presence of a mirror in the corner distorts the proportions of the room, makes it elongated and uncomfortable.


Corner or L-shaped tables differ in the design of the back wall, which has the shape of a right angle. They also differ in the form of the table top, the organization of the internal space, and regardless of the structure, they also differ in the method of fastening therefore, there are:

  • Cantilever. They are equipped with two supports, but the tabletop is mounted to the walls from two sides. They are fixed and perfectly help to save free space.

In classic style

  • Outdoor. Has 4 or more supports. Differ in mobility. They are chosen for installation in studio apartments or lofts, where they often change the furnishings.
  • Suspended. They are made in the form of a table top with or without drawers, which is mounted on the walls in the corner. There are most often in the bedrooms, made in the style of minimalism. To move them, you must completely dismantle the structure.

In the old style

What forms are there?

Although the corner boudoir and set between the two walls, they come in different forms. So the most familiar are:

  • Triangular. Have a radial facade. If you choose with a rounded or oval table top, then carefully watch that the room remains proportional in appearance.
  • Trapezoidal. Equipped with a straight back wall. Such a solution brings the mirror closer to the users and makes the furniture comfortable for use. They are installed in spacious rooms, as they take up a lot of space.
  • Pentagonal. Their design includes two pedestals, but at the same time they look quite light and do not overload the interior.
  • L-shaped. Repeat the shape of the corner and therefore very ergonomic and roomy. Of the shortcomings worth noting a small mirror.
  • Curved table. They may have an unusual shape and different original look. There are with a table top in the form of a drop, a comma and with cutouts of different sizes. Well complement the stylish designs of hi-tech, techno, modern and others.

Note! Not suitable for women who like to preen near the mirror in full growth.

Original solution

What materials is it made of?

Depending on the style of design, manufacturers use different materials for the manufacture of g-shaped models., namely:

  • wood and composite materials (MDF, chipboard);
  • glass;
  • metal;
  • plastic.
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Design features

BoardIf the corner table is not part of the finished bedroom suite, then it should be chosen taking into account the stylistic features of the interior.

At the same time, it can be made of the same material or simply match in color. So for the interior:

Space saving

  • with a traditional interior choose, made from the same wood as the other items of the headset. But at the same time it should be more luxurious;
  • Baroque style, focus on products with a curved facade and carving. They should be lighter in color than other furniture. For such bedrooms are considered suitable not only wooden, but also made of glass or acrylic;
  • in the style of techno or hi-tech, it is better to choose variants with strict geometric lines or fully trimmed with mirror surfaces;
  • Lofts or art deco feel free to choose a table with light. Also here it is appropriate to install made of glass and metal or painted in unusual colors.

Provence style

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Table with light bulbs

Modern women of fashion always try to be attractive, therefore quite often use decorative cosmetics. In order to apply make-up was comfortable, in the bedroom it is necessary to install a pier glass with a mirror and light bulbs. This will create conditions for guidance marafeta, facilitate the process and will reduce the time spent on the morning toilet. Moreover, the furniture will also serve as a stylish decoration of a modern room, because it often has a very attractive stylish design.

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Console for preening with light bulbs can still be called a make-up table, because they are used by stylists, makeup artists to arrange a place for applying makeup. They are also found in dressing-room actors or presenters, as well as in studios and showrooms.

What are good?

  • Have an affordable price. Their cost largely depends on the design, size and material from which they are made, as well as the type and number of cartridges.
  • Versatility. Fit well in many interiors. Therefore, they can be installed, and in the bedroom, and in the cabin, and in the dressing room.
  • Serve as an additional source of light or decorative lighting. Light bulbs on a frame or mirror scatter a soft, pleasant light and create a cozy atmosphere.
  • Used for zoning studio apartments or lofts. For this, they also use stylish wall lamps or floor lamps.
  • With their help, you can visually expand the space, make the bedroom more light and comfortable. In addition, without a large mirror, women just can not do.
  • They have many drawers, it makes them roomy. Suitable for storage of useful things. All funds are at hand and neatly folded.
  • Look elegant and original at the same time. Can be used as a stylish and functional decor in the bedroom of a young girl or in the luxurious apartment of an elegant lady.

Fit well in many interiors

BoardTo find a practical and stylish option it is worth focusing on several parameters at once. This will make a choice that will meet all the necessary requirements.

What materials are they made of?

Tables with bulbs for modern premises are often made:

  • From plastic. They are accessible, practical and unpretentious care.
Furniture is made of this material for professional make-up masters and stylists.
  • From glass. Look good in high-tech, modern or minimalist bedrooms. Often have mirror surfaces. Their main advantage is a stylish design.

Have many drawers, it makes them roomy.

To look after such furniture is rather troublesome and difficult. After all, glass and mirror surfaces should always be clean and rubbed, and it takes a lot of time and effort. Otherwise, the furniture looks unattractive.
  • From chipboard. Are the subjects of the average price segment. They are quite attractive in appearance and practical in operation, as they have a smooth laminated coating or are treated with varnish and acrylic.
  • From natural wood. Expensive, durable and practical in operation. They are purchased for installation in bedrooms with a classic refined interior. When buying, you need to pay attention to the color of the wood and make sure that the product is well combined with other items of the headset.
  • Of metal. Forged tables will serve as a stylish and functional decoration of lofts or rooms made in a very unusual style.

Look elegant and original at the same time

What sizes are there?

For the make-up tables, an important role is played by the size of the mirror, and also how far it is located from the edge of the tabletop. After all, the larger the mirror and the closer you can consider yourself in it, the more convenient it is to apply makeup. Standard models are equipped with mirrors measuring 50 * 50 cm.

If a full-length mirror, then this option will also serve as a stylish decor.

To make the table comfortable, pay attention to its design. A mirror of suitable size and the presence of storage boxes are not everything to create a comfortable environment. Much depends on the height of the table top and the availability of free leg space. The standard height is usually 75 cm.

With their help, you can visually expand the space

Women spend a lot of time caring for themselves, so they should also find and install comfortable chairs or poufs. These items should be well combined with each other.

BoardIf you choose a model for a small bedroom, then you should install a small table. For a spacious make-up room, models with a wide worktop and a large number of pedestals and drawers are suitable.